Fun & Easy Ways To Treat Yourself

Fun & Easy Ways To Treat Yourself

Let’s face it, we can be too hard on ourselves sometimes. 

Whether it’s through our work, relationships or simply our daily lives, it’s safe to say that we can all be a little too impatient and a little too demanding of ourselves from time to time.

So why not take a moment to go easy on yourself? It’s one thing being ambitious and setting high standards for yourself, but it’s another being unrealistic and self-deprecating. 

So take a break from the ‘I should’ve done that better’ narrative in your mind and replace it with ‘I did my best, I’m happy about that’ one instead.

Oh and maybe give one of these a go below too:

Have a Bath

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It’s amazing how a hot soak and a few bubbles can make you feel like a new person (and a tinned prune) after 30 minutes. Even if you don’t have a bath, nothing beats a warm shower when you’re feeling a bit off. 

In fact studies have shown that a wade in some warm water can aid blood flow, improve immunity and boost your mood (plus more). 

DIY Pamper Session

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Not solely reserved for teen girls at sleepovers, who doesn’t love slathering on their week-old avocado and mayonnaise concoction across their scalp whilst watching The Simpsons?

Seriously though, there’s nothing better than seeing the sun bounce off your scalp in the bakery window the next day after making your own hair mask. And don’t get me started on the self-made face masks……Haven’t you tried it?

Give this recipe a go for locks so luscious you’ll have people out with their garden pliers desperate to snip it off ya – Easy Hair Mask Recipes &. Easy Face Mask Recipes.

Yes of course you can go buy a hair mask in the shop but it’s not the same, there’s something to be said about creating your own and it actually working. As oppose to slapping on the shop bought goop only for it to leave your hair limp and lank…..sometimes! Just try the diy route….once…please!

Walk & Cafe Combo

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A lot of the time when we are ‘walking’ we are actually ‘sprinting’ from one place to the next. So really, the act of walking becomes more stress-inducing than stress-busting. 

But we can change this, at least in those moments when we actively choose to go for a walk and aren’t desperately trying to make it to the shops in time before they close. 

In one of my previous posts LINK HERE I share my own experiences of nature walks and I can personally say that it does you a world of good being outdoors for a bit of your day, in a casual fashion of course. 

And this brings me to my next point, cafe hopping is a great way of visiting different locations in your local area. It gives you a reason to go out and about even if you sometimes don’t feel like it. Who doesn’t want to walk in circles for 30 mins if it means that you’re guaranteed a slice of chocolate cake at the local bakery afterwards hehe. 

And even better, bring a friend along for the chit chat and pulled hamstrings as you race each other for the last lemon slice on the shelf. Honestly you’ll feel much better for it (walking outside for a bit, not getting the last lemon slice of course (ok, secretly yes). 

Movie Marathon 

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Harry Potter and the…….x, y and z…….are always my go to. Maybe you’re more of a Lord of The Rings kind of person or Pirates of The Caribbean??? Anyhow, we  both know that nothing beats putting your feet up and jumping into the world of cinema for a good part of the day.

Struggling to think of a movie to watch? Maybe one of these: 

Movie Marathon Ideas

Bake Off

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Maybe you could challenge yourself to make something new once a month or maybe have a bake-off with your family or friends. It’s a win-win, if they make something better you can eat theirs, if you make something better you can eat yours and hide the rest from them, right?

Baking is a fun way to try new foods and it’s also relaxing…well….. not if your making soufflé I suppose. So maybe it’s best to start with cookies or something haha. 

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Easy Baking Recipes

So there you have it, some ideas to keep you sweet if even for just a moment in time. 

Remember be kind to yourself, and don’t forget to wash that DIY hair mask out before getting too engrossed in Harry Potter’s wand! Hehehe

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