Me in Retiro park, Madrid in November 2021.

Hi! I’m Natasha, 27 years old (feeling more like 72 (joke hehe)) from the UK.

I’ve always enjoyed writing, in many of its glorious forms. I guess that’s why you’ll find a bit of everything here on my blog. From whingeing one minute about the woman in the shops who just wouldn’t let me get to the instant coffee on aisle 4 to my more pensive moments through poetry and prose.

Either way, I hope that you really will enjoy these pieces just as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Not to get too deep but I think a great thing about us humans is our ability to communicate with one another. Beyond the primitive ‘ooh’s and ugg’s’ of our ancestors, (sorry grandad’s grandad (yes the caveman gene is rather close in my lineage (joke)) our innate ability to share thoughts and emotions make us truly wonderful.

Whether it’s ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ or simply cackling at a good joke, we have each other for support. So I hope some of my ramblings and rants put a smile on your face just as reading the blogs of others has done for me.

Thank you for taking the time,


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