Should I Get A Pet Pt III?

Welcome to the final instalment to my pet chronicles. And I’ve saved my favourite to last, because yes like my parents I do have favourites, and mine are the loveable, huggable cats and dogs!

The cat – ‘Luna’

Here she is in all her feline glory, ready to claw your arm to shreds one minute and beg you for food the next. Who doesn’t love the unpredictable ways of the house cat?

Despite being small statured and an avid sleeper she somehow manages to find time in her day to sustain random injuries! From fighting the neighbourhood cats to getting stood on accidentally by my mum. See below where there’s an obvious size difference in her paw thanks to my mother and her Dr Martens!

It put her out of the rodent-killing business for at least a week.

Despite being eight years old already, we have no doubt she’ll be one of these cats who stick around for like twenty. She’ll be the type to dribble on the sofa cushions and judge silently from the bay window for many years to come I have no doubt.

It’s still sometimes hard for me to admit to the fact that ‘she’ was an equivalent replacement for me when I left for university in the eyes of my sister. A cat! Cats can’t give you a shoulder to cry on or a daily sparring partner! Although strangely enough they can increase your bone density when they sit on you and purr, I hear. And let’s not forget a rise in happy hormones in the brain when you pet them……ok so perhaps she is better company than me afterall! 😦

The Dogs – ‘Guinness & Storm’

Guinness in the woods (Instagram – guinnessandstorm_theblackgsds)
Guinness ((Instagram – guinnessandstorm_theblackgsds)
Storm (with me struggling to see in the sun)

The arch nemesis’ of little Luna. There have been many close calls between the two German Shepherds and the cat in recent years. Yet none as close as the time where we mistook the cat for being out in the front garden only to find her fast asleep on the sofa in the living room. The dogs ran in from outside much to our surprise as Storm somehow had learnt how to pull the backdoor handle down to open the door. Luckily my mum who must’ve been trialling out for the nation’s rugby team during her trips to the ‘supermarket’ was able to tackle Guinness to the floor, holding the beefy boy in a headlock while my sister lasooed the 2 year old mastermind that is Storm. Meanwhile I froze in shock before launching the cat out the window seconds later (we live in a bungalow, and although I say launch, no harm was done onto any animals so please don’t send the animal police to my door).

Guinness is three and half years old and named after the drink which revives your soul if you’re ever feeling on the verge of death. And Storm well…it’s pretty self-explanatory one would hope. She’s the feisty one, Guinness is more subdued and goes with the flow, the typical husband-and wife dynamic (the husband would say of course hehe).

If oneday they have puppies I’ll be the proudest sister……um…proudest person in the world. Although my dad treats Guinness like his second son and better than his human daughters I’m still not sure if it feels right to refer to him as my ‘brother’ hahaha.

Anyhow, all of the animals that have been a part of my life have left a lasting impression on me. And for this I am very thankful. Animals bring such joy into our lives, and of course we should give the same to theirs.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet perhaps this quiz might help, maybe you’re more of a tarantula or chameleon type of person?

What Pet Should I Get? 

If you would like to consider various options of getting your pet perhaps you may think of fostering or adoption?

Next on the ‘most wanted’ list, this!

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