The Most Bizarre Home Remedies

Currently I have this massive blind pimple on my forehead that could rival any set of antlers on a prime young stag. Ofcourse this is the week I have work experience with a nice little editorial name and an interview gig at the weekend. So no better time for acne to make an unwanted appearance I guess!

With that being said I typed so fast into Google search ‘home remedies for hideous ugliness’ and here’s the 2 treatments that came up:

1) A poultice – you don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, I didn’t either. It’s basically bread mixed with some milk or hot water then slapped on your boil, ulcer or in my case the cruellest of them all – SPOT! The aim of the game is that the mixture draws out the impurities from the skin, the hot compression will work to improve bloodflow circulation to the area being treated additionally adding to the process of drawing up the impurities. This will eventually lead to a white top on the spot which you can then squeeeeeeze the sh*t out of. Just kidding, leave it alone or you could cause scarring.

Since this morning I’ve placed the equivalent of two loaves of bread on my face already. For this reason I’m now swapping over to the trusty green tea bag. Supposedly with similar benefits as the bread poultice? Let’s find out!



As I Googled these home remedies it got me thinking, what are the most obscure old wives tales out there? And which of them actually work? Let the researching begin……….




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