Art Art Art

Sentences which would spring to mind if I were to gaze upon the beauty of these masterpieces at the museum:

‘The Look’ – when someone steals your last crisp.

In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart FashionRoyal Collection Trust

The ‘home late from work infront of the TV seriously questioning what I’m doing with my life’ kind of look.

Historic Royal Palaces

When Mother opens the dooreth, and you and Jimmy have just hidden the weedeth.

The Wincanton Window

The judgemental sibling at the dinner table.

Amazon: The Dynasty

The ‘Peeping Neighbour’ look.

Daily Mail

The ‘I’ve got a bloody migraine Tabetha’.

Art In Context

Which one was your favourite? Could you create any quirky captions for some of the above? It’s quite funny when you start giving it a go. What do you see in each?

**Disclaimer alert! I own none of the rights to these paintings or the exhibition of them. All rights remain with the owners. (only the bad one liners I’lll take responsibility for).

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