I’m Done….

If sweating out of every orifice in your entire being is your cup of tea then you should’ve joined me in my gallivanting across the city of London with what could’ve only been described as the weight of a life-sized 10 year old on my back in the form of a gym bag and a suitcase-come bodybag with actual human weight included! Yes stunting my growth wasn’t just a choice I made in the 30 degree heat over the weekend, it was an experience which almost had me in a vegetative state by midday. Having your skeleton permanently positioned into the shape of the letter ‘C’ I’m sure has its advantages but why did this past weekend have to be my moment of awakening to this?


If I can momentarily pause from speaking in cryptic code (I’ve been watching alot of Sherlock Holmes these passed to days, thanks to my bed-ridden state), and indulge you in as to why I have found myself in such a mess. The reason behind my misfortune was thanks to ‘moving homes’. I move more than nomads. 4 times in 2 years, is that alot? I get bored easily.


If you’ve been following any of my perils this past month you will have found yourself on my bandwagon with a one stop tour of poppycock, peasantry and pettiness just as August comes to  close. From living on £30 over two weeks here in the UK’s capital, to despising the whole world and its dog on public transport, you can really tell that I want you to come to this city and have as fulfilling a time as I.


So just before I roll out of bed to crawl to the pissy pot in the corner of my darkened cluttered room I thought I’d keep you updated on my ‘goings ons’. 


Hope your life isn’t as shite as mine. 



Published by Natasha

Hey! I'm Natasha, I enjoy writing about my own and reading other people's experiences/perspectives about this crazy world we live in!

3 thoughts on “I’m Done….

  1. Hi Natasha,
    Wow. Where to start? I think im going to leave you to work out some kind of cease fire with mustard. For thise of us who love deviled eggs it is a basic element for life itself. Oh, and for hotdogs too.
    But as to public transport, since i no longer have to fuss much with it, it’s easier to laugh at it. You said that stories are to be shared and i have a short one about said pubic buses & trollies that you might laugh at. Oddly enough, the bus administration passed on my ooffer to let them use it with some rediculous concern about public safety. It wont asuage any of your dislike for buses or trollies but my bet is that this will leave you smiling. https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/the-commuter-horseplay-incidents/

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    1. Haha, Gary mustard to me is what cucumbers are to cats (google it)! We repel! I’ll be checking out your public transport post, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with your review.


      1. haha – I’ve seen some of those cats being surprised by cucumbers. very funny. Your warning then is acknowledged and I’ll not be sneaking up on you with a bright yellow squeeze bottle of French’s any time soon. 😎


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