4 Freelance Budgeting Tips

Oh the joys of being freelance, no one trying to be your boss, no strict times to be in work for, and no food on the f*cking table! Or atleast that’s how it feels if you try and make a living the D.I.Y. way (initially atleast). So how can you survive living ‘minimalist’ until your paining sells for millions?

  1. Buy your equipment in bulk – yes I know the saying quality not quantity, but this doesn’t always hold true. Yet, more likely than not you will save if you buy in bulk than if not for example art kits for special effects make up – it’s better to buy the kit than each component individually form sites such as – e.g. PAM do bulk kits for make-up artists
  2. Sign up to creative membership and discount sites in general such as: NUS, Sally’s discount card for beauty professionals, trade shows such as IMATS are also great ways to get discounted products which would otherwise be very expensive instore. I’ve used a make-up artist example here but the points carry through for a range of creative disciplines.
  3. Create a budget planner or download a budgeting app – it’s hard to keep track of finances in normal day to day situations never mind when you’re trying to run your own business. Taking time now to plan out a planner or use an app will save you time and money in the long-run.
  4. Make your own tip jar – although we live in a world where we use physical cash less and less, there’s still no harm in collecting up those odd bits of loose change instead of impulsively spending them on a packet of crisps. Or even better you could set up your own fort of reward system, say at the end of each week you could tip yourself for completing ‘x’ number of goals. Nothing wrong with a bit of self-reward!

Freelancing isn’t for the faint-hearted but then again great things don’t come out of safety. I hope however that the above tips make your finances that little bit more secure as you progress in your chosen creative field!

**Please note this article is intended solely for ERIC Mag, and I will link to the article on their site if/when it becomes live.

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