4 Reasons Why You Secretly Hate Your Job

  The Commute – morning breath is a thing, and I’m going to say it, evening breath is definitely a thing too! Not saying I’m immune either but carry a goddamn mint! On that note, you’d be lucky to find enough air to breathe on the sweaty trains, trams and buses that we all findContinue reading “4 Reasons Why You Secretly Hate Your Job”

No Good, Bad And Ugly Work Habits

As creatures of habit we therefore succumb to many repetitive behaviours we wish we hadn’t! As I wallow in this thought and share them in writing by teaming up with Go Think Big, I suddenly remember,  my annoying colleague wants another tea, no sugar. So whilst I brew the perfect cuppa, why don’t you haveContinue reading “No Good, Bad And Ugly Work Habits”