My Love….

My eyes did not widen, 

Like heavy husks of tea-soaked bread,

I lay idle, unable to move.

Submerged in the viscosity of my own tears. 

How could you leave me all alone on this planet?

After all of these years.

They say a heart heals in the hands of time.

So why does mine only hurt more?

With every waking hour that passes by,

I want this nightmare of living to be over. 

For life without you,

It takes me no place colder. 

I thought we were supposed to grow old together? 

Fit into skin made of leather, yet as soft as a feather,

To touch. 

Life feels like nothing but a rush. 

To rush my hand over yours one last time…..

My Love, life hasn’t been kind to us. 

To see your eyes twinkling in the moonlight….

My Love, life hasn’t been kind to us. 

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Published by Natasha

Hey! I'm Natasha, I enjoy writing about my own and reading other people's experiences/perspectives about this crazy world we live in!

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