The Inferior Female

Stature slender,

Pitch higher.

A non-male gender,

So he must be higher.


Physically inferior,

Sit still and look pretty.

Don’t question the superior,

You’ll only look silly.


Beauty over brains.

Man over beauty.

I’m not a feminist,

But a minority of men give me reason I should be.


Are you threatened by my ability?

I know power incites greed.

Don’t you encourage a bit of competition,

From someone who doesn’t have something swinging between their knees?


Oh little men,

Of Mice and Men,

Are you really a man or a mouse?

I hope the rat race has served you well, with the car, the cash, and the house.


But what about the love from a woman?

Afterall, without a female, you would have no life.

Even if your mother didn’t love you enough,

Then perhaps maybe does your wife?


Let me be clear in my intentions,

No gender is better than another.

I have mentioned what I have mentioned,

Because recently I’ve been stung by the male gender.

It’s only the minority that will ever incite hate.

This poem is highlighting the bed that they’ve made.


No gender is better than another,

Whether you’re female, male, non-binary or trans.

I feel the majority of us are not sexist to eachother.

I really do hope you will agree with that.


The poem above was written from a place of hurt and discontent. In the last couple of weeks I have had several encounters with men who have treated me inferiorly.

How would you feel when going into a shop to buy a water bottle and being told in a non-joking manner that you should do ‘phone sex’ by the till keeper? Or being called a ‘stupid bitch’ because I couldn’t hear what a window cleaner was saying?

 This poem is not to highlight that I feel all men mistreat women. Good men, which do exist,  certainly do not mistreat women or any gender for that matter. But I felt the need to share my annoyance by the small few that do. The poem is a way to get it off my chest.

Thank you for reading.



Published by Natasha

Hey! I'm Natasha, I enjoy writing about my own and reading other people's experiences/perspectives about this crazy world we live in!

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