Would You Rather…?


The internet never fails to entertain me, here are just some of my favourite ‘would you rather’ questions that it has to offer, put your thinking cap on:


  1. Would You Rather Be Able To Detect Any Lie You Hear Or Get Away With Any Lie You Tell?


  1. Would You Rather Create History Or Delete It?


  1. Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?


  1. Would you rather be able to freeze time or travel in time?


  1. Would you rather have your dream job or find your true love?


  1. Would you rather only be able to speak in rhyme or only be able to speak using alliteration?


  1. Would you rather forget who you are every time it rains, or never be able to remember why you walked into a room?


  1. Would you rather marry someone that you don’t love or marry someone that doesn’t love you?


  1. Would you rather look young and feel old or look old and feel young?


  1. Would you rather never be able to open a closed door or never be able to close an open door?

Poem – Lost



I feel lost sometimes.

Like I don’t fit in.

And yet I don’t want to stand out.

I just bear and  grin.

A broken doll.

Is an appearance I feel from within.


But I shouldn’t always play the victim,

life is kind to me at times.

I only wish I wasn’t just as strict in,

How I divided up my time.


Life has no map.

It has no compass.

But even if it did.

I still believe that I’d be hopeless.

At reading every bit.

How do you build belief in yourself?

This question I internally ask.

Are we doomed to be the prisoners of our own mindsets?

Or are we blessed in just being lost?