Is Being An Introvert Wrong?





                                                               a shy, reticent person.

Truth be told, I’m a naturally shy person. But should I be annoyed at this? I use to think so. Slowly I’ve come to realise that being shy doesn’t mean I’m in any way  less capable of doing something than someone who isn’t. It just means I may need more time.

I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to live up to a ‘bubbly, out there’ persona, to a personality that we ‘think’ others will like, but infact don’t really know.

To be shy doesn’t directly correlate to being boring and unwilling to try new things, it just means you may be curious yet cautious of trying new things. To be cautious of something isn’t  a bad thing right? So long as you don’t let shyness stop you from trying then you should never feel bad for being careful about things.

Another assumption surrounding introverted people is that they don’t show much emotion, that they can seem quite cold and poker-faced. To control your emotions is a skill, it’s an individual’s choice whether to give away their feelings freely or not.

We can’t all be extroverts and we shouldn’t all be. Don’t be ashamed of who you are, whether extraverted or indeed introverted. For a long time I was angry at myself for being shy, I didn’t want to accept it, but now I see it as part of who I am and so I’ve addressed and learned techniques to help me succeed in situations where shyness may not help me.

Being shy can help in certain moments but not all. I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be angry at myself for being the way I am, instead I should work with what I have, noone knows you aswell as you know you. Therefore you are in control of your emotions and so can shape our success by being emotionally in control. It also means that those you choose to share your emotions with are trusted by you.

Whether introverted or extraverted, or somewhere inbetween, society needs us all, imagine if we were all of one and none of the other 2? That really wouldn’t be a fun party!

Some Introverts you may recognise:

Poem – Shy


I’m Shy.

Is that ok?

I know I should meet your eyes more than sometimes.

But I don’t.

Should I be ashamed?


I get nervous when around strangers.

Find I become a stranger in myself.

I feel paranoid of the dangers,

That lurk just behind the shelf.


I’m angry for being this way.

Why can’t I just change?

Why do others seem so confident?

While I remain so restrained?


But really, where is the fault in being shy?

Shyness is not weakness,

Anyone that says this, says a lie.

This fact’s undefeated.


To be shy is to be cautious of the world around you,

Not to stick your head in an oven because the guy ahead did it before you.

Shyness should be accepted as part of my nature.

And not as a burden or ill-fitting feature.


We are all so different.

And this is a great thing.

I shouldn’t want to be you

And you shouldn’t want to be me.


Be the person you want to be,

Whether that’s shy, loud or somewhere inbetween.