Developing & Losing Fears


I never use to be afraid of flying but as I prepare to fly home to Northern Ireland for Christmas, suddenly the meat sweats start materializing all over my body and I gulp that little bit harder.

To me, it’s just something about being trapped in a tiny little tube 30,000ft up in the clouds with nowhere to go but physically downwards which gets me all clammy all over. But the weird thing is I never use to be this way.

They say alot of fears are formed through triggers, bad experiences in the past which you now associate with the thing you fear now. I think back in my memory bank to a possible time when I lost my faith in aviation, flashbacks ranging from mucky microwave meals onflight to screaming babies ring a bell but surely neither of these would result in me clamping onto the Easyjet seat for dear life.

My brow furrows some more as I go further back in time, I’ve got it. It was the time of the storm. Heading back to university in Bristol, UK,  on a miserable January evening, it was dark, windy, kind of like that scene out of one of the  final destination movies. No sooner were we up in the air than did the plane decide to embody all things rollercoaster, or shall I say fighter pilot. One second the metal tube was shaking like a frostbitten child the next it was plummeting like an Olympic diver. I thought it was the end.

Women were screaming, babies were crying, I swear one old man had a heart attack. Let’s just say you know sh*t hits the fan when the trolley dolly falls into the empty seat beside you while knocking over the hot coffee on the cart in the process. She sprinted to her seat so fast after that, she would’ve made Usain Bolt look like a tortoise, believe me.

The plane continued to wreak havoc on its inhabitants for what felt like a lifetime but must’ve only been the WHOLE damn journey, totalling 50 mins! I almost had to seek counselling after the event.

So there you have it, I’ve developed a fear, like allergies, they can be developed, and like allergies they can be lost. So I’ll make it a goal to lose the fear and become fond of flying once again.

What’s your biggest fear?



The Bookworm In All Of Us


7 top books to unleash your creative potential

For alot of the time, being creative means being resilient. Baring your soul to the world can lead to many highs and lows. For this reason I have a few books up my sleeve which may help see you through any situation. In addition to some lighter reading ofcourse!


  1. The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

As heart-warming as the title sounds, this book really does make you think about your priorities! We get wrapped up, worrying about the smallest things, this book helps you see what really matters i.e. the meaning behind your lyrics coming across rather than aiming for the perfect recording quality or getting your art to exhibition not worrying about how many people turn up to see it. Summary: Spend less time worrying about how others will perceive you and just release your creativity already!

  1. Steal Like An Artist

Dabbling around the idea of ‘originality’, that nothing is ever truly original. Yet the author Austin Kleon gets this message cross in such a friendly manner that you accept this without (much of) a fight! The point in case is that it’s not about creating the most unique art, yet instead, being as true to yourself as you can be. Summary: highlighting the necessity of being the individual when it comes to creativity through ten top tips definitely worth sticking on the fridge door..

  1. Creative Confidence

Flipping the idea of what a ‘creative person’ looks like on its head, this thought-provoking book, eloquently acknowledges that each one of us is infact creative. Some struggle to tap into their creativity but this by no means does not mean that they don’t have the ability to be creative. The authors  Tom Kelley and David Kelley act as the saving grace to anyone who is struggling to unleash their creative potential by sharing with us the principles and strategies which they hold dear. Summary: Lawyer, Painter, Accountant or Writer – we all have creativity, yet we all don’t know how to release this, well perhaps now you do.

  1. Bird By Bird

As offbeat as the title, the author Anne Lamott certainly likes to dance to the beat of her own drum in this go – to guide combining writing wisdom with self-help scenarios. I don’t know what’s more engaging, her writing style or what she’s actually writing about! Using her own words as a summary: “Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. ………. We are given a shot at dancing with, or at least clapping along with, the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it over and over again.”

  1. The Tenacity Of The Cockroach

Perhaps the best way to be creative is learn from the best. Stephen Thompson emphasises just that in his interviews with the likes of Gene Simmons and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic. By reading this you will gain an insight into how some of the most creative minds think and how they built their careers in the creative world, so hopefully you can take inspiration from them and build yours too. Summary: biographical but not in the boring way!

  1. The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry provides both a witty and informative short novel ‘how to be brilliant at a moments notice’. We all take mental blocks and have days when we don’t perform at our best, so how can we put our creativity to use in the blink of an eye? Well, perhaps Henry will have the answers? Summary: Engaging food for thought.

  1. The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do

Maybe you are at a stage where you know you want to follow a creative career, but aren’t exactly sure what in? Jeff Goins’ insightful read directs us down a path of self-discovery. He emphasises how bravery is essential in finding the creative career you are truly meant to follow. Summary: An eye-opening and inspirational read.

I hope these books don’t collect dust on your mantelpiece and atleast one of them brings some solace to your life. If not, keep searching for a book that does. Once you read that sentence which gives you that ‘aha’ moment, then you’re on the right track to releasing your true creative ability. You can do it!

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