Poem: A Human

A Human A subatomic bunch of laughter and woes, From our nose down to our toes, We either grimace or glow. Why are we here on this planet of blue sea and earth? Does it own us? Or do we own the world? Brief is the time we get to embrace it. You blink yourContinue reading “Poem: A Human”

5 Creatively Inspiring Places

That dreaded moment has arrived, you’ve hit a mental block, creative juices have well and truly ceased to flow. You are however, now salivating about what you’re going to have for tea and not what your next big project will be. Oh dear, what should you do ( I can’t answer that) and where shouldContinue reading “5 Creatively Inspiring Places”

Poem: Sensation

Smell the rain, Smell the rain, don’t see it The dampened tarmac aroma intensifies as cars go flying by like drive bys at midnight Feel the heat of the rays on your skin, Hairs on your neck rise like budding blossoms in spring Hear the drops of tears hit the leaves, leaves crushed by commuters,Continue reading “Poem: Sensation”